The New Camaldoli Hermitage is pleased to offer a number of Preached Retreats in 2016.

The general schedule for these retreats is:

  • First meeting is Friday evening at 7 pm
  • Two meetings on Saturday
  • Last meeting on Sunday before the 11 am mass
  • All Conferences are in the chapter room, through the door just beyond the large Marian icon in the chapel corridor on the left.
  • A bell will be rung 10 minutes before each conference.

To make a reservation:

By Phone:

Monday-Thursday: 831-667-2456 ext. 143 (Katee)

Friday-Sunday: 831-667-2456 ext. 100 (bookstore attendant)

By email:

Reservations cannot be made through the on-line booking system, as it will appear that there is no availability which might not necessarily be true. You will only know by contacting Katee.

A one night deposit is required to confirm a reservation, and we have a 7 day cancellation policy. There is an additional $60.00 fee for the Directed Retreat itself. That fee is included in the nightly cost of the room.


January 29-31….No Preached Retreat

February … No Preached Retreat

March …. No Preached Retreat


April 22nd-24th
Maggie Weaver, Obl OSB Cam
“11th Step Retreat”

sold out – wait list available (call to be put on list)

This retreat will examine, in depth, the 11th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous, which states that we Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out. We welcome those in any 12 Step recovery group or anyone wishing to seek, improve, understand or experience a greater contact with a Power greater than themselves.

This is the third annual retreat lead by Maggie; each year more is revealed.

May 13th-15th
Br. Bede Healey
“Spirituality, Solitude, and our Inner Life”

sold out – wait list available (call to be put on list)

“The capacity of the individual to be alone is one of the most important signs of maturity in emotional development.”- DWW Winnicott

Aloneness and solitude are central aspects in our spiritual and psychological
lives. How does our capacity for aloneness and solitude develop and grow?  What are the psychological and spiritual perspectives that can help us be more attuned to this important dimension of our lives?  Br. Bede, monk and clinical psychologist, who has had a life long interest in the integration of spirituality and psychology, will explore these themes.  Spiritual directors, therapists, and those interested in their own growth will find this weekend useful.

June 17th – 19th
Fr. Michael Fish
“Be I”

sold out – wait list available (call to be put on list)

How to live contemplatively in the world today. This is the first in a three part series with each standing independently. “Be I” will address themes of “The Gap in our Spiritual Life”, “life as Journey”, “The Inner Monk” and “Woman at the Well”.

July 8th-10th
Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, Fr. Raniero Hoffman, Br. Bede Healy

“The call of Vocation Encourages Me to Be and to Become Who I Am Meant to Be”.

This retreat is for those men and women who are 18-30 years old. An exploration of your life path through talks, group discussions and individual conversations with the monks of New Camaldoli Hermitage. Author Sam Keen writes: “The call of vocation seems to issue from the future rather than the past. It encourages me to be and to become who I am meant to be – to live up to the promise that has animated me since the beginning.”   This is an opportunity for you to spend time considering your future vocation (the animating spirit calling out to you), whether it is a vocation of religious life, marriage, priesthood, or some other vocation. Come and discover what that path may be. Scholarships are available.

August 5th-6th
Fr. Robert Hale, Susan Guthrie Obl, OSB Cam

“St. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross”

St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross: Towering Teachers.

sold out – wait list available (call to be put on list)

Suzanne Guthrie is an Episcopal priest, retreat director, author, and the curator of Soul Work Toward Sunday, a weekly self-guided retreat found at She lives in Woodstock, New York.

Robert Hale is a Camaldolese monk and priest, author, former professor at the Benedictine College, Rome, and the Graduate Theological Union, and former prior at Incarnation Monastery and New Camaldoli. He lives at New Camaldoli.

August 19th-21st
Fr. Thomas Matus

The human spirit is endowed with a certain “potential infinity”: we can always know more than we do at any given moment, and  even a little knowledge of God points to God’s own infinite knowability. There is no end to our knowing the  Infinite, but it is more important to love the Infinite, since the beloved is within the lover’s total being, while what is known indwells only the mind. God’s presence is omnipresence, in the least of God’s creatures no less than in the greatest. When we know God, we become conscious of this presence in all, but by love we ourselves become sharers in God’s omnipresence. We  shall meditate on this mystery by means of Kriya Yoga and by listening to sections of Olivier Messiaen’s  masterpiece “From the Canyons to the  Stars”.

September 16th-18th
Br. Ivan Nicoletto
“The Journey of Our Time”

“I embark on a slow voyage of exploration” – Etty Hillesum

The voyage of life in our time includes not only our personal journey, but our planetary civilization. How does our personal story relate to the sacred story of the cosmos? How do we participate in the dramatic story of our planetary civilization undergoing profound transformation? What qualities and capacities might we cultivate to co-create with love and power? This weekend, we will endeavor to deepen our consciousness and openness to these questions through our spiritual tradition, the arts, and contact with creation.

October 28th-30th
Fr. Andrew Colnaghi, OSB Cam, Fr. Arthur Poulin, OSB Cam, and Antoinette Betschart, Obl, OSB Cam.

“Contemplative Presence in our Beautiful, Broken World”

How is our contemplative presence fostered in a world torn by ideological, spiritual, economic and social crises?  What role do contemplatives  assume in our beautiful, broken world?  Contemplation is often described as a long, loving look (gaze) at the real.  Others view contemplation as the key to prayer, liturgy, art, ethics and a renewed humanity capable of seeing the beauty of others and of all creation with freedom from self-preoccupation. Contemplation is not the end; but rather the transformation of individuals, communities and societies is. The transformative power of contemplation will be explored with specific examples throughout history and in the lives of the retreatants.

November 18th-20th
Br. Bede Healey and Paula Huston Obl OSB Cam.

“Benedictine Mindfulness”

December 16th-18th
Fr. Cyprian Consiglio

“The Three Comings of Christ”

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