Soberanes Fire Update: Sept. 12, 2016: the fire has begun to turn eastward (away from our location) and is on the other side of the mountain ridge from us. Good news!  It is still active but is partially contained by firefighters. The Hermitage is not in danger, and our air has been mostly clear for the last 2 weeks. For the latest fire updates, please visit Big Sur Kate’s blog at:

Before making an online reservation, please read the pages regarding Retreats and Accommodations and Rates. We are a working monastery with accommodations and an environment geared toward spiritual retreats. If you are expecting flash, posh surroundings and luxury, you won’t find it here.  What you will find are clean, simple rooms that won’t distract you from your serenity and solitude, and breath-taking natural beauty.

We require a 2 night minimum stay in the same room; the maximum stay allowed is 14 nights.

If you feel that the monastic environment at New Camaldoli Hermitage is appropriate for you, then check our availability for your desired dates by clicking below.


If you have any comments about this new reservation service, please provide feedback at

For group reservations or to speak with someone call (831) 667-2456 x100. Thank you.

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